Arnold Schwarzenegger Needed All of 4 Words to Explain Everything You Need to Know About Maximizing Your Morning Productivity

Jessica Stillman
3 min readMay 28, 2024

A lot of celebrities and business icons swear by elaborate morning routines. Oprah reaches for spiritual affirmations and espresso. Richard Branson spends time with family. Steve Jobs, ever the iconoclast, liked to reflect on death.

Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t among them.

As he told The Daily Stoic podcast recently, in the morning he likes to keep things simple. Very simple. And his radically stripped down approach just might help you achieve maximum productivity in the morning, with minimum effort.

“Don’t think. Just go.”

While Oprah and Jobs look to turn on their brains with their thoughtful morning reflections. Schwarzenegger explained he likes to act first and think later.

“To prevent the internal back and forth, the negotiating, the rationalizing, the justifying, make it a rule where you say, ‘OK, there are certain things that I would do before I start thinking,’ “ Schwarzenegger explains. “ ‘I’m going to work out before I start thinking.’ Don’t think. Just go. Get out on a walk. Get on that bicycle. Get to the gym.”